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Training for my first major match of the year and only my third Steel Challenge Championship, began two months prior to the competition. My preparation includes: shooting monthly steel challenge matches and practicing at least one day a week. I train with world champion Dave Sevigny; he has truly been my mentor since this journey began in late April 2011. Getting to train with Dave is no different than training with other sports’ bests like Tim Tebow or Sidney Crosby; he is a great instructor and who else to learn from, but the best!

I am honored to have won the Ladies Limited Division at the 2012 Georgia State Steel Championship! Shooting iron sight (Limited) is a little tougher to shoot than optics. I feel that when I shoot with optics I tend to take advantage of having a red dot and do not aim as hard and do not hold as long as I need to on each shot. The open division is also more calming and less nerve racking because there is more confidence knowing that you will hit each target where you place the red dot. I prefer shooting iron sight over open because it is more relevant to everyday life and is more of a challenge.

One question that I found myself asking other shooters and now have people asking me, is my thought process before each stage. When I step into the box before I shoot, I relieve my mind of everything else. I tell myself over and over to take my time, hold on each plate, call my shots and most importantly to keep my eyes moving. As Dave always says, “I don’t care how painful it may seem to stay on your sights and hit each plate, avoid cadence, shoot when you see the right sight picture.”

I kept those words in my head and said them to myself before I shot each run this past weekend. Those words carried me through my first Georgia State Steel Championship and in the end I finished as High Lady in Limited Division. I must say I did not expect to win, I was for sure someone had beaten me.

As a shooter I do hold myself to a high performance standard and just because I won a title, my overall goal is to earn more wins where I truly felt I was shooting my best. When I saw that I was High Lady it was a huge surprise! Everyone has to start somewhere and I’m pleased with my early stages of what I hope to be a long career in shooting and training with handguns. I’ve been trained not to look at just the end result whether I won or lost, but how well I performed.

Thanks for sharing, Anna! For more about Anna and to follow her shooting adventures, check out her facebook page.
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