With the 2010 Smith & Wesson USPSA Handgun Nationals in our rear view mirror, we would like to take a moment to congratulate ALL of the women that attended the match!  We hope each and every one of you had a great time, shot to your potential and that you’ll come back next year for more.

Top Women:  We’ve already e-mailed interview questions to the Top Women of each division, and we hope to begin posting their responses early next week.  Congratulations, Ladies, on your great showing at Nationals!

Open Division:
1st – Rebecca T. Jones
2nd – Jessie Abbate
3rd – Megan Francisco
4th – Lisa Munson
5th – Athena Lee
6th – Jenny Chu
7th – Eva Micklethwaite
8th – Kaci Cochran

Limited 10 Division:
1st – Randi Rogers
2nd – Tori Nonaka
3rd – Maggie Reese
4th – Sue-Ann Henriques

Limited Division:
1st – Jessie Abbate
2nd – Lisa Munson
3rd – Carina Randolph
4th – Tammie Bordwell
5th – Sue-Ann Henriques
6th – Debbie Keehart
7th – Maggie Reese
8th – Jenny Chu

Production Division:
1st – Randi Rogers
2nd – Julie Golob
3rd – Tori Nonaka
4th – Kay Miculek
5th – Kippi Leatham
6th – Carrie Jamrogowicz
7th – Cindy Noyes
8th – Lisa Levis

Revolver Division:
1st – Annette Aysen
2nd – Sarah Irish
3rd – Sue Irish

Our good friend, Paul Hyland, who has already given us a multitude of great photos and tons of video, was also kind enough to crunch some numbers, and for that, we thank him! Here’s what he came up with:

  • Approximately 7% of the competitors at this year’s US Nationals were women.  In all, 53 women attended the event!
  • Rebecca beat 85% of the men in the Open match
  • Randi beat 69% of the men in the Limited 10 match
  • Jessie beat 73% of the men in the Limited match
  • Randi beat 58% of the men in the Production match
  • Annette beat 33% of the men in the Revolver match

Paul’s goal for 2011 is to see the number of women increase at Nationals.  As a start, we could all introduce one new woman to our sport next season.  Now that sounds like an attainable New Year’s resolution.  So what do you say, ladies … shall we help him out? : )

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