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Barbara DiMattina

Federal Government - Career Civil Servant
Family Information:
Married with one Daughter
Shelby - German Shepherd
Favorite Color:
Favorite Food:
Ice Cream
Hobbies, Interests and Other Talents:
Shooting, Tap Dancing, Snow Skiing
USPSA Divisions in which I compete:
Open & Limited
My classification(s) within USPSA division(s):

Limited: C
Open: B

Area is:
Area 8
How I first got into shooting:
I started by watching my husband shoot for a year and decided USPSA was not a spectator sport. I was hooked after shooting my first match.
My preferred shooting
My motto has always been "accuracy first, speed will follow."
My most prestigious titles are:
4-Time High Lady / Virginia-Maryland Section (2001-2004)
Why I like shooting USPSA matches:
I enjoy the challenge of shooting and the people involved in the sport. More importantly, it allows my husband and I to spend a lot of time together. There is rarely a weekend when we are not shooting.
My favorite USPSA event is:
Monthly match in York, PA ... it's like shooting a major match every month.
What I would additionally like you to know about me:
I had never picked up a gun before I started shooting in 2000. I never imagined how much fun shooting would be. I consider myself a recreational shooter, but I try to push myself with each match I shoot.

I am a very consistent shooter and simply enjoy shooting matches. I would love to have more time to practice and become an even better shooter but I try to maintain balance with family, work and play.
Profile Updated:
September 23, 2009
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