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Encourage and inspire women everywhere to participate in the shooting sports by celebrating the Women of USPSA!


- To LEAD by example
- To SHARE our knowledge and experience
- To STRIVE for professionalism & sportsmanship
on and off the range
- To CELEBRATE our achievements

We all have our reasons why we love to shoot!
Some tackle every course of fire with fierce determination to win. Others love to compete for the thrill of personal success. Still others love the camaraderie and sportsmanship found in the shooting sports.

No matter the reason, women who shoot represent the many facets of competition - desire, dedication, and fun all with a feminine touch.  
We at WomenofUSPSA.com are committed to promoting female shooters in the action shooting sports.

All profile submissions and content posted on Women of USPSA websites have been voluntarily submitted. We hope to showcase the softer, yet still powerful side of shooting and further help ignite interest in others to share with friends, family and new shooters alike.

It is our goal to include any woman who wants to join our efforts, but please note that we reserve the right to refuse any content that may be offensive at any time.   
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Sharyn Cohen, Julie Golob & Kippi Leatham




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